Show Rules

SHOW SECRETARY: Kelly McFaul, 206 S. Lark Ln, Wichita, KS 67209, ph. 316-650-2287, fax 316-462-0883, email Kelly at

CLASS FEES: Academy classes - $45, Regular classes - $60, Championship classes - $65. To show in a championship, you must have entered and shown in a qualifying class from that division.

OFFICE FEE: $30 per entry.

STALLS & BEDDING: All horses must have a stall--no jumpouts allowed. Horse or tack stalls are available at $185 each. Shavings are $10 per bag and can be ordered on your entry form. NO OUTSIDE SHAVINGS ARE ALLOWED AT THE AMERICAN ROYAL COMPLEX as of 1.1.12

ENTRY FORM: Entry form is available to download on this website. You may print a copy to keep for yourself, and mail or fax a copy directly to our Show Secretary, who will not enter your information until a check is received. Please send your payment promptly after you complete and mail your entry form! You can also enter on

CHAMPIONSHIPS: All championships require qualification by showing in a class in the respective division of the championship.

UPHA CLASSICS:  All Classic classes will offer a $250 premium IF THE CLASS IS SPONSORED. Classic entry fees are divided into two payments: a Declaration Fee of $50 is required with your entry form, and the second payment of $50 is due prior to the start of the session in which the class is held. You may pay the $100 with your entry form if you wish. Classic fees are non-refundable in all situations. If the nomination fee of $100 has not been paid by April 1, a $150 Nomination Fee must be paid IN ADDITION to the entry fee. Prize money is divided according to the rules set by the UPHA.

PREMIUMS: All classes will receive a trophy and six ribbons.

HEALTH REQUIREMENTS: All horses must present a current negative Coggins test and Health Certificate upon arrival and before entry packages will be released.

CAMPERS/RV HOOKUPS: Camping with electrical hookups is available on the grounds at no charge. No reservations necessary--spots will be filled on a first come, first served basis. Water is available on the back wall only (spots 7-30).

Camper Hookup Map


  1. Participation in the Horse Show can be denied to any person at the discretion of Horse Show officials for any reason at any time.
  2. Sportsmanlike conduct and following generally accepted equine safety principals are expected of all participants.
  3. Gate holds will be granted at the discretion of the Horse Show officials.  Requests must be made in writing at least one hour in advance of gate hold requested.
  4. There will be no tack, equipment or clothing changes in the warm up area. All tacking shall be done in secured areas with appropriate safety equipment such as halters, leads, assistants as necessary. (Note: this rule does not apply to Academy classes – Please refer to Academy rules)
  5. No horse will be permitted to compete that has shown a prior propensity to endanger the safety of others (human or equine). This determination will be made at the sole discretion of Horse Show officials.
  6. No horse will be shown that is deemed unsound. This determination will be made at the sole discretion of Horse Show officials after consultation with a veterinarian if deemed necessary by Horse Show officials.